He’ll Have What I’m Having

Who thought gourmet dog food was going to be more than $103 million industry?

With the invention of the eat-like-your-owner strategy, dog owners have an appetite for change in the dog food industry.

Dog owners want to personalize their pets’ nutrition. Farm-to-table dog food is available from Mars Petcare for those living the farm-to-table life. Is it lasagna or beef stroganoff night? Thanks to Mars’ Cesar Home Delights, “he’ll have what you’re having.” On a Paleo diet? Vital Raw makes a Paleo friendly dog food.

Newer companies such as Freshpet Inc. are changing the game. They are using fresh chicken and turkey which requires the finished product to be refrigerated. Freshpet sells its products in branded refrigerators. Freshpet is even changing the smell of dog food; their product smells more like human food. People no longer have to hold their breath as they open the container to avoid the odor.

Bigger companies such as Purina’s Beneful have to become innovative to stay competitive. Purina recently bought Merrick Pet Care, the maker of Backcountry line which has Game Bird and Pacific Catch on the menu.

Aging pets are not left out. Purina’s Bright Minds includes a type of fat sourced from coconut oil which improves senior dogs energy levels. Purina’s Beneful offers three varieties to meet the needs of older dogs. The options available are Beneful Playful Adult Life Formula, Beneful Original Adult Life Formula, and Beneful Healthy Weight Formula.

With new companies changing the standards, the gourmet dog food industry is on the rise and challenging well-known companies to change. For more details, visit http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/.


Doe Deere is Not Afraid to Follow Her Instincts

A recent online article about beauty and fashion highlighted some of the comments made by beauty expert Doe Deere. The article includes Ms. Deere’s personal ideas about fashion rules, which she believes are meant to be guidelines rather than rigid regulations. Ms. Deere believes makeup should be fun, as well as innovative. Rather than wearing a red lipstick with a subtle shade of eye shadow, why not highlight the eyes in bold colors as well. Ms. Deere routinely breaks one of the most revered rules in the world of fashion, which cautions against mixing patterns and colors. She sees no harm in combining rainbows of stripes with subtle plaids.

A Cosmetic Industry Leader

Doe Deere is the founder, owner and CEO of a cosmetic line called Lime Crime. Her line incorporates a wide variety of non-traditional colors including cool shades of blue and green. Ms. Deere believes beauty is not necessarily about creating a natural look, but rather about creating a look that expresses the personality of the individual. The makeup a woman chooses to use should make her feel good about herself. Makeup, like fashion, is about capturing the feeling at the moment. Even though there are times when a woman might feel like wearing more subdued colors, there are also times when she might feel more playful.

Doe Deere began her career in 2004, using herself as the primary model for clothing fashions she had created herself. In the beginning of her cosmetic career, she had a collection of products with a unicorn label, which she has since incorporated into her complete line of Lime Crime cosmetics. As a leader in her industry she stays on top of everything created for her company by trying every product herself. She prides herself on her ability to understand the needs of her customers, which helps her create the type of products they want. As a successful entrepreneur, Doe Deere attributes her success to listening to her gut instinct instead of following the crowd.

Watch Doe Deere at PHAMExpo

Consumers Demand Their Lemons Back From Chipotle

Chipotle was new and exciting when they first opened their doors, it was an instant success. Things were going swimmingly until the recent E.Coli scare in California which led to an investigation from the CDC. Now the investigation is over and the company suffered a massive loss in sales.

It could easily be said that they really need a major comeback in order stay in business. Well, some genius named Jon Urbana decided a great idea was to move the previously free lemons to behind the counter. People are pissed off and horrified. Chipotle lovers are not taking this lightly. The loyal customers may stray with the rest of the bandwagoners if the lemons do not come back to the self-serve area quickly. The burrito company has some serious financial ground to gain and require a great increase in guests served. Hopefully, their PR and marketing teams are working up some game-changing ideas to bring back the crowds.

FreedomPop’s New Services Are Great For Old And New Customers

Those who want to expand the way they use their cell phones and cell phone service should definitely choose FreedomPop. TechCrunch.com is reporting that FreedomPop has raised $50 million, which will only help to further their agenda. FreedomPop is now introducing other products to their current lineup, which include a Sim card for $10 that allows calling all over Europe as well as a free hotspot. The free hotspot is going to be the crown jewel because of the fact that it allows data capabilities in over 25 countries.

Although Wi-Fi service is something that most people need, most people don’t realize how dangerous it can be. Many hackers will stalk Wi-Fi services, especially Wi-Fi that’s given for free to customers in stores, just so they can hack someone’s information. Once a hacker gets into someone’s personal information, there’s no telling what they’ll do. Many hackers are looking for information, such as bank statements, credit card information, and personal information about where someone lives. A hacker has hit the jackpot if they receive someone Social Security number because that’s all they need to take over the other person’s entire life.

Since Wi-Fi service is something that should be reliable, many people use the service without thinking twice. Anyone using Wi-Fi service should definitely check into it before they choose to sign on, especially if it’s a free service that’s offered to anyone in a store. FreedomPop offers a Wi-Fi service that is much better and safer, and the service only costs five dollars each month. With millions of hotspots around the USA, it’s possible for a person to stay in their home or close to their workplace and still access a FreedomPop hotspot. Those that are out and about can easily get on a FreedomPop hotspot, especially when they live in or near a major city.

Those who choose FreedomPop will not only have access to Wi-Fi hotspots in the USA but also around the world if they choose to get FreedomPop’s new free hotspot service. The cell phone service from FreedomPop is also great because it’s only $20 a month for an unlimited plan. Those who use FreedomPop services will now have access to hotspots in the USA as well as abroad, phone calls in the USA and abroad, and Internet service in their home, which gives them many different options.

George Soros 2008 Prediction

Billionaire George Soros Cautions Investors To Avoid Economic Crises In The Stock Market

George Soros is a man of diverse talents. Not a single word can explain his achievements in the financial market. George Soros began his career by investing highly in the hedge funds. Soros is an eighty-five years old man who currently lives in the New York City, USA. Apart from concentrating much in the business enterprise, Soros is also a perfectionist. He is a philanthropist who commits his entire career to serving the residents of the United States.

Soros pursued his tertiary level education in the School of Economics which is based in London. He serves as the head of Soros Fund Management, a firm that has encountered lots of success in the capital market. Billionaire George Soros recently made a publication predicting the occurrence of an economic crisis, similar to the one that got experienced in 2008. George Soros made the liberation through the Bloomberg journal, which conducts the recent news in the financial markets.

George Soros termed the occurrence of the economic challenges in China as an economic failure that resulted from the wavering fixed problems of the country operations. The condition is also affecting the entire world. Entrepreneur George Soros had made an attempt to warn and caution the potential stakeholders in the financial market, but his opinions and views were underestimated. In the release, Soros personally conducted an economic forum in Sri Lanka to sensitize people on the need of bidding secure stocks in the capital market.

The current economic crises experienced in the Chinese financial market have made the Chinese finance experts to make an attempt at adjusting with the dollar in the international stock exchange market. According to George Soros, the Chinese financial expertise has shifted their substantial interest from the investments industry to service production venture. The rise in population has also impacted in the deteriorating market situation. Law of demand and supply is highly affecting how China fairs in the international stock market.

The fact that the economic crises are led by the severe capital adjustment problems in the Chinese financial markets can get changed by addressing on the growth model. The People’s Bank of China has showed its interest to better the condition by attempting to lower the rates that are charged to an average citizen after receiving funds from the bank. The entire world has been remembering the words of George Soros to the investors and the stock market stakeholders. Kindly click http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-07/global-markets-at-the-beginning-of-a-crisis-george-soros-says to get more information on the liberation.

Ahead of the Game

Banks often have a tendency to suffer in damaged economies, and in 2014 the country of Brazil was braced for potential economic fallout. Over the course of the previous year, politician Dilma Roussef’s populist leanings seemed to be leading the banks of the South American country toward unfortunate ruin. However, Brazil prevailed, and left banking analysts baffled as to how they managed to prevail despite the possibility of collapse. Their jaws must have dropped when they saw that Brazil’s two largest, top two private banks, ‘Itau Unibanco (ITUB)’, as well as ‘Banco Bradesco (BBD)’ had experienced an increase in profit in addition to a rise in shares. Since the storm has passed, top level investment expert and high powered Brazilian banker, Igor Cornelsen has become known as no less then an adept navigator of the global financial sector. In other words, Igor Cornelsen is nothing short of a banking virtuoso.

Unlike many other investors on brandyourself.com interested in the market yet unwilling to make any kind of real commitment, Mr. Cornelsen is in it for the long haul. He remains consistent, dedicated, and interested most importantly in sustainable gains. He is a long-term investor who understands that the stock market is not simply a game. For him, investing is quite simply a career move. He is prepared to commit long term investments, knowing he will see a large gain in the future.

Igor Cornelsen is a man to be studied according to the street.com. For those interested in the market, look no further then to his actions and general advice, if in need of assistance. He teaches one to invest intelligently. He sees the importance of playing the long game, of staying close to reliable, consistent products, to business’ who share his tenacity and willingness to remain dedicated and loyal.

Also, Mr. Cornelsen sees the greater benefit to making a series of small investments as opposed to the common mistake of over committing to a single, particular stock. Such a mistake is often made by new investors hoping for immediate gratification via a giant return on a single stock market investment. Instead, when one makes multiple smaller investments they increase the chance of success while lowering the rate of failure. It is thinking like this, in the long-term, and not the immediate that generates actual profit.

Finally, it is men like Igor Cornelsen who helped prevent Brazil from economic collapse. Many can benefit from a man who chooses stock market sustainability over greed. He is truly a cornerstone of the banking world and the future of capitalism.

Convenience Of Visual Search AI Assisted Technology

Visual search technology is all the rage. Every consumer who uses online shopping and doesn’t already know about visual search and AI assisted shopping is behind the times. I found out about it from this article from the MIT Technology Review website. I think I’m pretty up to date on technology and those kinds of trends, but I was surprised to find out about all the major companies that have invested time and money into researching and developing this fascinating new technology.

The article went into specific details about the types of developments that are being done in this industry. In fact, Google has their own brand, and Pinterest has a take on visual search and image recognition technology also. Neither of these companies have a take on visual search technology that can compare to what Slyce has to offer to consumers and retailers. Consumers like Slyce because it is constantly developing its features to make it easier for consumers to find the exact product that they capture with their smart phone or other device. Retailers like Slyce and what the company has to offer because they like the rapid and fluent connectivity between retailers and consumers. Slyce helps retailers show off their new specials and deals through the app. They are working with major retailers like Home Depot and Tilly’s. They also have connections to major online retailers like Shop.org.

I have to admit that I had a lot of fun when I first tried Slyce. It is a cut above what I am used to when I use online shopping apps. I am used to having to pick and sort through long lists that were generated based on my keywords that I chose to input. With Slyce, there is no guesswork or detective work involved in finding the perfect product that is exactly what you are trying to find. The results from Slyce have always matched the item that I am taking a picture of in my environment, so it is easy to say that I am impressed by what Slyce has to offer to me and my generation.

This technology keeps evolving and getting better by the day. It has come a long way already. Online shopping was already a huge step in the right direction, but AI visual search technology takes online shopping to a whole other universe of convenience.

Obsession Is Not Always A Great Thing, Unless It Is About Dog Fod Quality

Quality, is something that CEO’s are just fine worrying themselves over, especially when it comes to dog food. As small boutique style venues have hit on years ago along with one larger brand such as Purina Store’s Beneful, our dogs reap the benefits of high quality food just like us. It is a a great thing to see in the business place concerning our pets. For years it has been something many families have even quipped about. The question of how, it is possible for dogs to eat the boring old dry food day after day? It has become a question no more, as other brands try to jump into the competition with large companies providing high quality brands such as Beneful. You know it is a brand that can be trusted when even the upper management has been known to go down on the production line and taste the natural bounty in foods like one of the many fresh gourmet foods put out by Beneful. If it is fed to all of the workers dogs, which it is at companies like Beneful who encourage it. It is not known whether workers our given perks such as food for their canine companions but, it wouldn’t be a surprise at a company who cherishes their four legged friends as much as Purina does. This has been seen for many years in some of the smaller mom and pop town pet stores. It is new to many of the other companies except places like Beneful who the line was created on the very vision of product healthy that humans often model their dinners after it. It is hard to resist the no longer just a niche market when it is a 23.7 billion dollar industry according to the \ original linked here by the Daily Herald. So when it comes to the food humans put on the table we are becoming more concerned with quality. There is a reason hounds are drooling over food that we eat ourselves each and every night as premium health food for dog of the highest quality becomes more of the rage.

Good Sleep Is a Little More Attainable With Dental Appliances

New Jersey is fortunate to have Dr. Avi Weisfogel in the business registry. Sleep Masters is Weisfogel’s answer to dental issues. Dental Sleep Masters provides care to people needing things such as cosmetic surgery and implant dentistry. Area dental professionals are seeking wisdom and knowledge through Dental sleep masters and the classes they hold.

Sleep problems are responsible for many issues. Sleep apnea is one of the issues that has long been misdiagnosed until recently. Sleep studies are proving that sleep apnea does destroy the good health of individuals because it takes oxygen from the body. A person with sleep apnea may stop breathing over 100 times in a night. Every time they stop breathing the risk not starting back. Sleep apnea is no joke. It is dangerous to your body and should not be taken lightly.

A typical sleep study begins when you walk into the sleep lab. The sleep lab is set up with a chair, a bed, and a television. The therapist will challenge you to toilet and get into pajamas before she or he begins to attach many wires on you. It takes from 15 minutes to a bit longer to get all the wires on you so that the technicians can monitor your breathing. After wiring you up, the technician will tell you to relax by watching some television, reading, or just laying in bed. Once it is a reasonable sleep hour, the technician will tell you to retire to the bed. While you are in the bed the technician watches you sleep, hears your snoring, and is alerted to any strange sleep patterns. This information goes straight to your physician or the doctor that ordered.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel began with his degrees in biology and psychology. After this, he went on to complete his dental surgeon doctorate. Weisfogel has been helping dental professionals and his clients to become aware of dental issues and sleep apnea. He also has begun the business of training other professionals to treat with oral appliances. Weisfogel is making dental surgery a little less prevalent and good sleep a little more attainable. In his downtime he is an avid video watcher and poster, check out his Vimeo and his favorite video posted below.

“Are Men Dressing Better”

Has it all of a sudden dawned on you that men seem to be dressing better? Well according to an article originally published in Business Insider they are. According to the Insider men are beginning to be more aware and concerned about how their shirts fit, how they look in glasses and even if things match, like shoes and belts.

Mark Bollman who is founder of Ball and Buck realized shopping is a man’s worse nightmare unless they can shop where they are comfortable. He founded a unique store designed that catered to men only and one of the brands they carry is Paul Evans shoes.

Paul Evans was founded by two men who wanted to help men not only look good but also feel good about their appearance. They were tired of ordinary italian shoes and started a journey to design and manufacture stylish and comfortable shoes. They started a journey that took them to several countries and talking to numerous people in the shoe and leather business and finally decided on a factory in Naples, Italy, beneath Mount Vesuvius. They talked and learned from people who knew all about shoes and how to make them and most importantly knew the best leathers and had been in the shoe making business for generations and could give them invaluable knowledge.

They choose the best and finest calfskin leather available and after aggressive negotiating they were able to make deals with some of the finest artisans. Negotiations are never easy or go smoothly, but eventually they did it and were able to design and make the shoes they wanted to make available to their customers. They also decided to cut out the middleman and sell directly and ship directly to the customer, with the help of the delivery companies.

So with the help of the internet they were able to do it their way, without the burden of a retail store and all that goes with it. So if you are looking for style and quality and want to put you best foot forward try a pair of Paul Evans shoes.