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Wen By Chaz Dean: A Review

In a recent Bustle article, fashion & beauty expert Emily McClure documented the use of WEN hair by Chaz Dean products on her hair through a series of photos, and a brief description of the effects on the “not shampoo” on her hair. One of the interesting things to note about Wen by Chaz Dean […]

Madison Street Capital And Anthony Marsala

Anthony Marsala has made Madison Street Capital very proud. Anthony was recently selected as one of the forty under 40 members chosen by the Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. It is very hard to be chosen by this group because they have so many guidelines people have to meet. Additionally, everyone wants to be […]

Swiss Program Great for Business Start Ups

What if an entrepreneur could get a three month start up program for their new idea and small business aspirations? Those who have a good idea with solid results have a great opportunity with the most important parts of new business requirements such as financing, coaching, mentoring, office space, services and being put in touch […]

Simplicity In Party Planning

Lauren Conrad offers up some of her latest tips on hosting a party that will make you and the guests very happy. One of the things that she wants hosts to take note of is that the party shouldn’t appear perfect. If it feels like everything should be in place in an exact position, then […]

InnovaCare – Medicare Advantage Plan

Many seniors and elders are finding it more important than ever to carry insurance. Some opt for the original Medicare plan while others choose a Medicare Advantage Plan. In other words, it’s a Medicare private health plan where the beneficiary can chose their benefits. The plans are contracted with the federal government and are assured […]

Stephen P. Murray Was An Inspiration To All Who Knew Him

When people pass away at a relatively young age, there is often a huge sense of loss. Such is the case for my friend Stephen P. Murray. When I heard of his passing at the age of 52, I was highly dismayed. I had known Murray for many years together as a result of our […]

Securus Technologies Promises to Inform the Public on the Operations of Global Tel Link

The Dallas-based law firm has reported that it will continuously generate reports, facts, findings and articles concerning GTL. Securus according to the BBB is a top provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. The company is committed to serving the public. It provides information of public interest among other services with the mission of […]

Learn how to form a Merger with another Business from Martin Lustgarten

There are many success stories about individuals in a particular field. Martin Lustgarten has stood out to be the best when it comes to investment advice. Advice to companies, governments, charities and individual with a high net worth is one of the functions that an investment banker such as Martin is being involved in. He […]

Wen By Chaz Passes this Hair Stylists Acid Test

Wen hair by Chaz (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html) is a hair cleansing system that comes in several delightful fragrances. It’s a latherless deep cleaning system that is both a conditioner and a shampoo. It can be found online and in some salons. Emily McClure of Bustle magazine is a professional hair stylist and decided that she should use […]

Why Fixing Bad Search Results Is Essential For Small Businesses

Are you concerned with what is visible on the first page of search results when someone searches for your business’ name? Sometimes it’s desirable to fix your online search results. Many brands find themselves the victim of a disgruntled former employee or, in some cases, a current employee using a fake name to disparage the […]

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