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The Effects on Your Hair of Wen By Chaz

There are a number of hair maintenance products advertised on QVC and are available on Amazon.com, one of these is Wen hair. A recent article revealed just how effective this product is. Recently a woman tried the product for a week and found out that it did a great job of making her hair look […]

Beauty Blogger Takes Reader on Journey

The hair stylist world is such a huge world. We all run into each other at conferences, conventions and hair school graduations. The conversation has come up on several occasions if we condoned the use of Wen (http://www.wen.com/). Many of us can all atest to one thing, we can’t make a general statement on a […]

Shopping For Style

Not everyone likes shopping. As a matter of fact, shopping can be quite a frustrating experience for people, especially when it comes to clothes. There are many frustrations such as finding the style on shoedazzle.com that we like but not in the size we want it. This is not to say that the clothes doesn’t […]

The Effort Made by SF-Marin Food Bank and Skout to Feed 20000 Individuals

On March 11, 2016, the PRNewswire reported about the partnership between SF-Marin Food Bank and Skout in a bid to commemorate the National Potato Chip Day on March 14, 2016.The goal of the partnership is feeding 20000 individuals in both San Francisco and Marin counties, particularly those on the verge of hunger. Skout’s Role in […]

Brian Bonar’s Growth Expectations for Trucept, Inc.

Brian Bonar, Chief Executive Officer of Trucept, Inc. is satisfied with the companyÕs performance during 2015. The first quarter report of 2015 revealed there was an increase in assets by approximately $2 million compared to 2014 first quarter report. There was an increase in revenue, cash, and receivables, according to PR Newswire on June 15, […]

Beneful: Many Flavors Of Wet Dog Food To Keep Your Pup Healthy And Happy

When it comes to dog food, the nose knows. Dogs judge their food first by the way it smells and then by the way it tastes. At our house, Beneful dog food passes both the smell and taste tests. The wet food is especially popular, and that’s a good thing. Dogs need wet food to […]

The 8th Largest Online Video Content Provider, Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has recently launched its first 30 day free trial allowing its customers to try the product suite before committing to the financial requirement. This simple offering has allowed the company to expand even further, building up momentum around the globe. In Indonesia alone they have taken up the first place position for the […]

How Beneful Is Offering Affordable Premium Dog Food

Dog food has always been a necessity for dogs to live off of. The problem isn’t so much that dog food is expensive, but it’s the fact that so many premium dog food brands are lifting up what they have to offer, and they are already pricing them at such high prices. To be honest, […]

George Soros to Target Latino Voters

  It is no secret that political hopeful Donald Trump doesn’t take too kindly to immigrants, especially those of Latino descent. If Trump has it his way, he would erect a wall at all the borders to keep these minorities out. Of course with an idea like that, billionaire George Soros is taking action. Soros, […]

Skout Launches Innovative Virtual Gifts Drive to Feed the Hungry

Skout has partnered again with SF-Marin Food Bank to provide enough meals for about 20,000 people residing within San Francisco and Marin who are at a high risk of hunger. The global online application allows people to meet new friends and acquaintances while expanding their social life. The initiative will mark the National Potato Chip […]

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